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Thief on the Cross


    The faith only movement, don't want you to be knowledgeable, the truth about sinner's prayer and thief on the cross.

Fact, the bible is silent, after Jesus' death on the cross, not a single conversion, repeat not one, is ever directed to be liken the thief on the cross, through a prayer or upon believing confessing Christ only, is one told forgiven of sins, justified from sin.

Contrast at baptism it is written for forgiveness of sins, justified from sin, saves us. And in each conversion, has baptism involved.

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Why you can't be like the thief on the cross

    One who looks carefully at the thief on the cross, will show he was a jew in covenant (old):
  • Crucified outside the walls of Jerusalem (where Jews lived)
  • Thief had knowledge of paradise (which Jews had knowledge of paradise)
  • Especially if he was a gentile (not a Jew), this would be pointed out as in other cases in the gospel.
    It would be safe to say he was a Jew in covenant (old covenant) with God. 
  The old covenant's spiritual privilege is when sinned, the Jew could be forgiven of sins, by
  • True repentance combined with a animal sacrifice at the temple, his sins would be forgiven
  • When Christ was in their mist, here on the earth, the perfect (complete) sacrifice, Christ seeing repentance, would forgive his sins.
Upon the thief showing true repentance (who being in covenant, having it's spiritual privilege), Christ granted his request.

Preceding the Spiritual Kingdom of Heaven

    Preceding the arrival of the spiritual kingdom, the new covenant, instituted on Pentecost, the Jewish people were in covenant (old), all they had to do was to turn away from sin and believe in Jesus, until further revelation by the Holy spirit was revealed.
Mark 1: 4 John came baptizing in the wilderness and preaching a baptism of repentance for the remission of sins. 5 Then all the land of Judea, and those from Jerusalem, went out to him and were all baptized by him in the Jordan River, confessing their sins.

    Christ continued after John the baptist, prepared the Jews for the transition from the old covenant to enter in new covenant, a spiritual kingdom of heaven, the church that had arrived on Pentecost.

Matt 4:17 From that time began Jesus to preach, and to say, Repent ye; for the kingdom of heaven is at hand (within their grasp, soon to arrive).


    Peter on the day of Pentecost commanded repentance and baptism (water) into Christ Jesus, for their sins to be forgiven. Foretold and commanded by Jesus "Verily, verily except a man be born of water (immersion, baptism) and of the spirit ( word of Christ ) he cannot enter the kingdom of heaven."

    If you need assistance in obeying the Lord in this vital matter, please feel free to contact the Church of Christ nearest you. Also please when you contact them send along this web page, so they will know what frame of mind you coming from. They will encourage you too bible study, and to assemble in fellowship and worship with them. God Bless

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By John J Nowak

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