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  1. 1978, 12 years old John Jerome Nowak's observations and conclusions of marriage
  2. The historical biblical concept of "One Flesh Marriage" Beginning at 18 years old I began researching the bible to determine what I thought at 12 years old can be verifiable, these are the facts I found.
  3. Diminished comprehension and practiceThe historical biblical concept of  "One Flesh Marriage", due to the so called Catholic group and other religious groups placing stumbling blocks/barriers in the minds of their subjects down through the centuries:
  4. (Early 1970's onward) State Secular Religion of Morphed-Infidelism attacked the concept of "one Flesh Marriage",  a substantial controlling effect in the premeditated murder of over 60,000,000 CGHL/babies/future citizen:

1978, 12 years old John Jerome Nowak observations and conclusions of marriage

Hello, my name is John Jerome Nowak. There are two primary questions that sum up my life and quest that began at 12 years old.

At 12 years old, through a visual and immediate perceiving, I came to a conclusion, and tried to live my life accordingly.

When twelve years old, during lunch recess at school, I stood on the grass facing about 30 ft away from a very large old sycamore tree. The tree's trunk was about three to four feet in diameter. I recollected from observing the world, and my older brother and his friends were forever after the quest of having sexual relations. I began to visualize within my mind for a brief moment, right of the large tree, a youthful couple, as if floating, about three feet in the air. I envisioned both
male and female were a virgin, when had sexual intercourse unknowingly to others. Feeling at first discomfort, then immediately a sense of ease, comfort came over me. God had naturally joined them together. God had bound them in a lifetime marriage.

I visulaized as if Catholic Priest were standing behind the large tree as if upon the narrow and wide sidewalk connected, as if looking down on me and looking down on God who sees men and woman in marriage.

As I stood there, thought of another person who wasn't a virgin due to sexual intercourse with one or more that were already in their own lifetime marriages from having sexual intercourse unknowingly to others. The person who's no longer a virgin can't be bound to someone who's already in a lifetime marriage, and is free to take one who isn't in a lifetime marriage for their own lifetime marriage. Life time marriages can't be dissolved by sex with another, but only by physical death.

I then imagined a man who left his lifetime marriage that was unknown to others, and took another of someone else’s lifetime marriage. I sensed discomfort that he was proud. God sees all things and will hold him accountable.

Next, I perceived lifetime marriages, even when occurred unknown to others, when the male and female were equally virgins, had a lasting remembrance of giving to each other their virginity. This remembrance supplies the greatest potential of devotion for each other for a lifetime, for the greatest potential of contentment, peace and tranquility for the largest number of people in the world.

In contrast, I perceived the existing mentality in the world and in the Roman Catholic Church, when particularly two virgins, male and female, had sexual intercourse unknown to others, that if the relationship broke off, were regarded as either not a big deal by the world, or called a sin (fornication) by the Catholic teaching. To conveniently leave each other in error, thinking they're doing the will of God in leaving each other. I imagined the mentality of the world and the Catholic doctrine were the underlying reason for the great chaos happening in the world. I didn't linger on, especially the latter thoughts, lest I be tempted and fall into such situations, making it the more difficult at times to recall them, and because it was part visual within and immediate perceiving, was besides, difficult to ever express them.

I then looked toward the left side, directly behind the sycamore tree, at the narrow sidewalk beside a separate two story dark brick building, was a convent for nuns. I pictured in my mind, a couple, among others, on the narrow sidewalk, in their marriages like my parents, thinking there were some differences between my parent's relationship lasting, compared to this generation's relationships failing.

Then I stood to the right of the large sycamore tree where I imagined the couple was floating in a lifetime marriage by God. I looked forward a few feet where the narrow sidewalk became broader, parallel up to the multiple steel, windowless, closed, emergency doors on the back side of a smaller section of the school. I focused on the doors, where immediately inside, about ten feet, was the door to the girl’s bathroom, and immediately to the left, the door to the boy’s bathroom. The emergency doors were forbidden to be opened, to walk outside. Only few dared to open. I sensed a strange feeling, as if it was staged around me, perhaps by God, that there was some kind of meaning to the doors that were only to be open for emergencies. In later years the meaning came to me, that many lives, their sexual past, must be open and talked about, to reveal if they are married in God's eyes, to someone in their past.

Historical biblical concept of "One Flesh Marriage" basis of shot gun marriages. Beginning at 18 years old I began researching the bible to determine what I thought at 12 years old can be verifiable, these are the facts I found.

  1. Fact: Two highly acclaimed historical witnesses, Moses had implied, stipulated in law and the second witness Jesus of Nazareth referred to himself as a son of man, confirmed and stipulated in his words, command, the new law for his kingdom the church, at the moment of one flesh (mutual consented sexual intercourse) known or even unknown to others, implied marriage occurs only, and Jesus establishes the second part of the new law of marriage “let not man separate”.

  2. Fact: Moses wrote the concept – one flesh – marriage written into the book Genesis 3,500 years ago: Genesis 2 :24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and cleave to his woman; and they shall become one flesh.

  3. Fact: Moses the same author SPECIFIED THE FULL EXTENT OF THE MEANING of “One flesh” marriage in his written law for civil peace and harmony, when a man entices a virgin female to become one flesh (mutual consented sexual intercourse) unknown to others, implied establishes a marriage: Exodus 22:16 And if a man entice a maid that is not betrothed, and lie with her, he shall surely endow her to be his woman. 17 If her father utterly refuse to give her unto him, he shall pay money according to the dowry of virgins.

  4. Fact: Entice = Strong's concordance a primitive root; to open, i.e. be (causatively, make) roomy; usually figuratively (in a mental or moral sense) to be (causatively, make) simple or (in a sinister way) delude:--allure, deceive, enlarge, entice, flatter, persuade, silly (one).

  5. Fact: Moses used the word "surely" (had to) endow her to be his woman, the formality didn't make her his woman in God's eyes. Rather the formality was an expectation, you can say custom, tradition that men learn to expect. Moses in keeping order in the society, made it certain the expectations, even some customs would be fulfilled, within the confines of the principles, spiritual (mental disposition or another words frame of mind) laws, the particular law since the beginning, when one flesh occurred (mutual consented sexual intercourse) even if unknown to others, the couple was looked upon as joined of God, married.

  6. Fact: Moses making sure the dowry will be paid, the custom, so there will not be civil unrest. If civil unrest breaks out, Moses would lose the trust of the people and be dethroned. Because of this Moses made a law that insured the payment of money would surely be paid, so not to lose the people over grumbling, over lost money. Remember their were harden hearts in Israel who would use any chance they have to remove Moses from power. Because Moses done this, some only see what they want to see, such as the case of the revised standard version adding the word  “make" her to be his wife,  causing some seeing additional emphasis to infer wrongly marriage began at the payment of money. The society in Moses day, recognized marriage at joining of the flesh, would of seen Moses trying to keep peace in a situation that may be to some a great disappointment, hard to accept. They wouldn't of seen Moses saying marriage begins at a payment of money or at least the more enlighten, knowing God's ways wouldn't. The ones who were not more enlightened, the harden hearts of Israel would of seen at least the custom of dowry, money was paid, so as to offset the great disappointment, keeping them from causing civil unrest.

  7. Fact: When a man laid with a woman unknowingly to others, is found out, one will make a grave error not realizing the woman in many cases had a baby nine months later. Today millions of these babies are murdered, due to the consequences of the free love generation, in abortion 60,000,000 deaths and counting, or if she had the baby, was she to become a working single mom 3,300 years ago, in early biblical times? They made them remain together especially for the babies that would be born in such circumstances to be cared for by two parents, and for the young mother to have a husband to provide for her, besides recognizing marriage began at the moment of mutual one flesh, sexual intercourse only.

  8. Fact: This is the principle and reason why I proposed a law, by individual States, perhaps eventually a federal law, based upon the principle in Moses law to assure harmony and peace in society, to hold only particularly young couples in their teens, both being at the time virgins who had entered into mutual consented sexual intercourse, unknown to others, when found out to hold them accountable, by a law, as Moses by a law to fulfill the formalities of marriage. I propose the young couple to be officially recognized as married for at least seven years, to protect and give the young couple the best possibility of remaining in the marriage, and for the child to be born instead of premeditated murdered in abortion, to have two parents, for greater harmony and peace in society. Where I sense once ingrained in the youth by law, will continue even afterwards in the older general population, without a written law, but still be written in their hearts.

  9. Fact: Moses added more weight and in some regards amended, clarified any perhaps miss intentions in Exodus 22:16-17 by writing Deuteronomy 22:28.

  10. Fact: Deuteronomy 22:28 (KJV) If a man find a damsel that is a virgin, which is not betrothed, and lay hold (Strongs Concordance 8610, a primitive root; to manipulate) on her, and lie with her, and they be found; 29. Then the man that lay with her shall give unto the damsel's (young woman) father fifty shekels of silver, and she shall be his woman; because he hath humbled (Strong’s Concordance 3061) her, he may not put her away all his days.

  11. Fact: The word "hold" used in the above verse by Moses in Hebrew is "taphas" Strong's concordance 8610 = a primitive root; to manipulate, i.e. seize; chiefly to capture, wield, specifically, to overlay; figuratively, to use unwarrantably:--catch, handle, (lay, take) hold (on, over), stop, X surely, surprise, take.

  12. Fact: Hold, handle, control by the hands in a skillful manor, to manipulate the woman until she gives into her desires. Moses is basically describing the situation where the man doesn't entice by words, verbally, instead he holds the young virgin woman tightly to himself, torching her all over while kissing her passionately, and tries to have sexual intercourse with her, she may resist for a moment, then gives into her desires, by not resisting instead may hold onto him tightly, caressing him, or continued kissing him passionately while they both share in the sexual intercourse.

  13. Fact: The word "hold" used in Deuteronomy 22:28, has similar equivalent in Greek, where also is the word usage manipulate, handle, for example to manipulate, handle an instrument, by your hands to make sound, or manipulate, handle a corn cob, by your hands to remove the kernels, or the manipulate, handle the shovel, by your hands to dig.

  14. Fact: Moses first used "entice" meaning flattery in Exodus 22:16-17, then Moses uses the word "hold" means to manipulate, handled (without words), solely by feel, touch, until she responds, she mutually consents silently by returning affection to the man, giving herself over into one flesh, sexual intercourse.

  15. Fact: You can over lay Deuteronomy 22:28 on top of Exodus 22: 16-17, Moses clarified, further revealed to the very edge of real life happenings, why? A man's life is at stake. Moses going from the word "entice" to being aware of another type of situation to "lay hold", manipulated, handled the young virgin passionately, until she gives herself over to him into one flesh, sexual intercourse. Moses went further to cover such situations, so a young lady couldn't wiggle herself out of what had occurred, falsely testifying as if it were rape (when the man's life is at stake, stoning was the punishment), as if he didn't use a single word to flattery her, but he instead handled her in a skillful way such holding her tightly close, caresses her until she reciprocated by her body language, showed she consented.

  16. Fact: Moses clarified another of his intentions that he had in Exodus 22:16-17, less anyone mistaken his intentions. Moses had allowed a substandard endow of her before (perhaps also the people being poorer at the time living in the wilderness had not yet reached the promise land), and stated if her father utterly refuses, he must pay the full dowry, many mistakenly think with the words the father utter refuses, that the two can go their separate ways, wrong. Moses was only referring to the debate of amount of dowry the father utterly refuses, the father could be strident and refuse especially if the the amount was very little, where then Moses had written he had to give the full dowry, it was so understood that it wasn't necessary to write they were then to be united. In essence part of Exodus 22:16-17 is voided out, in regards to a lower dowry amount offered, the full dowry amount must be paid, no mention of father utterly refuses now, only that Moses continues writes, showing the expectation unsaid in Exodus 22: 16-17 was all the time to be and forevermore not doubted in Deuteronomy 22:28 "he may not put her away the rest of his days".

  17. Fact: Moses in bringing order to the custom of endowing, clarified, so the formalities would be followed orderly. Amended Exodus 22:16-17 by writing Deuteronomy 22:28, he change the words from entice to hold: 1.) Hold, manipulate, control by the hands in a skillful manor, as to entice to have sexual intercourse. 2.) Change the price, no longer can the man who laid with the young woman unknowingly to others, when found out, offer a substandard amount. He must pay the full amount at the start. Where before the father of the daughter can refuse the low substandard offer. If refused he had to pay full amount, and she was his woman. 3.) Moses further strengthens the expectations, he cannot put her away the rest of his days.

  18. Fact: The NIV, New International Version of the Bible published in 1978, in the verse Deuteronomy 22:28 has change the word from "hold" to "rape". They have applied an over the top translation, which is not in keeping to almost every other translation, which didn't assigned the word rape. The word in question hold = Strong's concordance a primitive root; to manipulate, control by the hands, in a skillful manor. As to entice to have sexual intercourse, is not used where there is a description of rape in the bible. It was the case of mutual consent sexual intercourse, not by force, but the way of man's hands holds, in a skillful manor, as to entice, embraces, caresses a young woman, until she consents shows passion in return, to the extent she permits, allows sexual intercourse to occur.

  19. Fact is Muslims and an over the top translation of the bible the NIV causing many who read the NIV, have applied a false translated word "rape", have ran off the cliff, into falsely thinking Moses was describing rape and there was forced recognition of marriage in cases of rape.

  20. Fact: Contrary the old testament is specific as to the law on rape, used a particular Hebrew word "chazaq" means "force", not mutual consent of either reciprocal verbal or silent body language allowing permission for sexual intercourse.

  21. Fact: The concept of “ONE FLESH" marriage was also confirmed and affirmed 1500 years later by a man named Jesus, who referred to himself by the son of man of Nazareth: Matt 19:4 And he answered and said, Have ye not read, that he who made [them] from the beginning made them male and female, 5 and said, For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife (woman, the word wife, a word showing marriage status, came years after the bible was written); and the two shall become one flesh (mutual consented sexual intercourse)? 6 So that they are no more two, but one flesh (same flesh since sexual intercourse, to mean in a figurative speaking sense seen as one person permanently). What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

  22. Fact: While Jesus was walking and preaching, this was the mind set, spirit, mental disposition of Jesus and the people. Jesus validates this mind set, commands the primary part of this law, which is “they twain (two) shall be one flesh (sexual intercourse)? Wherefore they are no more twain (two), but one flesh (same flesh since sexual intercourse). Therefore what God hath joined together, let not man put asunder (separate)".

  23. Fact: Jesus when setting up his spiritual kingdom's laws on earth, the church, does not command, state anything as to the custom, tradition of dowry (money paid) or any other moment or action required, but only states at the moment, action of one flesh (mutual consented sexual intercourse), let not man separate, for his kingdom, the church.

  24. Fact: Fornication is a broader meaning terminology that can be compared to similar words we use today, such as the phrase sexual immorality, as in adultery, prostitution, incest (suggesting also homosexuality and bestiality) in one word. Or the broader meaning word perverted we may used today; if used in biblical times meaning anything sexually, particularly anything sexually outside the teachings of the ancient nation of Israel.

  25. Fact: Fornication = Strong’s Concordance 4202; harlotry (prostitution) adultery and incest.

  26. Fact: The modern day definition of the word fornication you find in the dictionary has a usage of premarital sex, is not the defined usage of the word as used in biblical times as defined by Moses, as defined by Jesus, as defined by his Apostles.

  27. Fact never is there mention once a vow in the entire bible involving marriage.

  28. Fact never is there mention any resemblance of a public ceremony profession of each others love to each other. However I am not proposing ever to remove laws of marriage certificates, or stop a simple public ceremony of even a profession of each others love to each other without oaths disguised as vows. The government marriage certificate is a law that has many benefits, which makes it absolutely necessary to be continued as a law, for social peace and harmony.

  29. Fact in the bible, the sole evidence at best is the bride and groom during a wedding fest, were led to a room prepared for them, to become one flesh, one of their ways of saying mutual consented sexual intercourse, that afterwards was seen by the participants at the fest, as the marriage occurred in a private expression of love itself on a bed became one flesh, mutually consented sexual intercourse.

  30. Fact there are two witnesses Moses and Jesus that substantiates the ancient taught, practiced and accepted exact moment marriages occurs, at the moment of one flesh (mutual consented sexual intercourse) known or even unknown to all others in the situation of being enticed or the other case even when no words are spoken, holds, handles, manipulates in a skilled manner (caressing) a woman until she gives herself by her continued reciprocating to the man she loves.

  31. Fact Moses never referred or implied to either cases as sin, fornication, or unlawful, or any place else in the entire bible referred or implied as sin, fornication, or unlawful.

  32. Fact: In the situation of rape, there is no mutual consent and means it is not a marriage.

  33. Fact: As pertaining to rape, Moses wrote Deuteronomy 22:25-27 (KJV) But if a man find a betrothed damsel in the field, and the man force her, and lie with her: then the man only that lay with her shall die. 26.) But unto the damsel thou shalt do nothing; there is in the damsel no sin worthy of death: for as when a man riseth against his neighbor, and slayeth him, even so is this matter: 27.) For he found her in the field, and the betrothed damsel cried, and there was none to save her.

  34. Fact: Moses used a precise Hebrew word means "forced" to identify the situation of rape. Moses only wrote a law of a betrothed woman was raped. Moses didn't write a law specifying a widowed or married or a virgin not betrothed was raped, or attempted rape. I gather the above law Deuteronomy 22:25-27 was dealing with a more difficult case the expectations of custom of betrothed, but also be some guidance to deal with rapist of any type of woman, a widow, married woman or virgin not betrothed, some laws didn't need to be written down, they were so universally understood in the hearts and minds of men, even before any laws of Moses was given, that either of these situations had occurred, would of received death by the judges for the rapist. There is another reason that crosses my mind, the law was weak in that, describing most types of sin, in this in itself makes known evil to man, and being man is weak in the flesh (especially before Christ knowledge how to deal with sin), tempts him, described by Paul in the book of romans. So every vile form of sin, wasn't written done if not necessary, enough laws were written that other vile wrongs not clearly written, were understood enough by the laws written, to judge every matter appropriately. 

  35. Fact: With all that said, the focus will be on the primary part of the Moses law, without the customs, traditions of men, as in the beginning of genesis, men and woman first were recognized as married at simply the moment of one flesh, simple mutual consented sexual intercourse, then later developed customs, traditions, began to be integrated, and expectations. When Jesus arrives, he removes the customs, traditions and states the original moment of being married in God's eyes. Jesus declares at the moment of one flesh, mutual consented sexual intercourse are married, and declares command "Not let man separate" are the words, golden proclamation that binds the couple forever, until death.

  36. Fact: Concerning words "Man" and "Woman" it is very important to discern in the Bible, that some falsely assumed when it says "husband" or "wife" in certain places of the bible they were married, before they become one flesh. Actually there is only the words "man" or "woman" wherever the words "husband" or "wife" is seen in the bible. The words man or woman was used sometimes with the sense, usage of having marriage status or other usage. However there was no word used in biblical times such as husband or wife, specifying marriage status within these words alone. Husband or wife, are words that were created many centuries after the bible was written.

  37. Fact: Anyone can easily look in a Strong's Concordance where the Strong's number is identified for the word "wife" Mat 19:5 is identified as (1135). This same number (1135) is used in a number of verses for "woman" that shows an unmarried woman. Same for the word man, the Strong's accordance number is 435, which is used for married or unmarried.

  38. Fact: The translators of the bible in their aim to make the bible easier to read perhaps some unconsciously, some not unconsciously built on earlier translators zeal to promote a man's conjured up moment when marriage occurs. They have applied the non biblical terminology husband or wife, in passages where there is no clear evidence marriage status was applied. Attempting to discredit marriage occurs at "one flesh" (sexual intercourse) and "let not man separate", cited by Jesus. In so doing, many people cannot get pass this stumbling block of a non biblical terminology husband or wife, and insist wrongly because these words "husband" or "wife" are seen in their bible presuming showing marriage status, they must be married.

  39. Fact: For those who wish to look deeper into these matters, I have written two exhaustive detailed reports: 


Diminished comprehension and practice of the historical biblical concept of  "One Flesh Marriage",  due to the so called Catholic group and other religious groups placing stumbling blocks/barriers in the minds of their subjects down through the centuries:

  1. Fact: The Catholic group around 500 years ago, place stumbling blocks/barriers in the minds of their subjects and adherents that hindered their ability to perceive the biblical concept of One Flesh Marriage. 

  2. Fact: In 1403, the Bishop of Magdeburg threatening to excommunicate those who married without clergy in attendance. 

  3. Fact: Council of Trent in 1563 officially required that Catholic marriages be presided over by a priest.

  4. Fact: The so called catholic group and other religious groups purposely defied the biblical concept "One flesh Marriage", leaves open the door for Infidel Philosophy to take root.

  5. Wikipedia "The oldest traditional wedding vows can be traced back to the manuals of the medieval church."

  6. Fact: The Catholic group teaching created notions in the populous that even influence much of all the religious groups. 

  7. Fact: The so called Catholic group as a national State religion, had a stranglehold in laws, forbid subjects and adherents to read the bible, even used terror in burning bible reading men and woman at the stake and in torture devices such as the rack, stretching men and woman's bodies, pulling slowly dislocating joints and later to die a painful, agonizing death in dark, cold, and damp dungeons

  8. Fact: Many so called bishops to retain even more power, riches, living lavishly and ruling as kings, force their subjects and adherents to have their priest at the center of a so called marriage ceremony, with the use of so called vows and defining a marriage ceremony as a so called sacrament, was taught and implied as the define moment when marriage only occurred. This became a substantial controlling effect to make void the ancient, biblical text concept of “one flesh marriage” seen as the exact moment when marriage occurred.

  9. Fact: The Catholic group defined a one flesh marriage, with no ceremony as fornication, when the bible never once defined it as fornication, sin.

  10. Fact: Contrary if was taught and practiced "One Flesh Marriage" recognition when occurred, would greatly limit the sprouting of Infidel philosophy's primary tenet so called sex radical-free love and lessen premeditated, murdering of babies in abortion.

  11. Fact: A public profession of love for each other and consent is very proper, very commendable and very beneficial for social order, peace and harmony, however is not necessary for a "One Flesh Marriage" to occur. 

  12. Fact: A public profession if has the words God or Lord, the male or female are perceiving themselves swearing verbally or even only consciously, promising to each other certain actions, then this fits the biblical description of an oath. Which would violate Jesus' supreme and primary teaching against making oaths for any situation. Jesus words: Matt 5:33 Again, ye have heard that it hath been said by them of old time, Thou shalt not forswear thyself, but shalt perform unto the Lord thine oaths: 34 But I say unto you, Swear not at all; neither by heaven; for it is God's throne: 35 Nor by the earth; for it is his footstool: neither by Jerusalem; for it is the city of the great King. 36 Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst not make one hair white or black.37 But let your speech be, Yes, yes; No, no: and whatsoever is more than these is of the evil.

  13. Fact: A marriage certificate is a legal requirement, is very proper, very commendable and very beneficial for social order, peace and harmony, however is not necessary for a "One Flesh Marriage" to occur.

  14. Fact: Only a marriage occurs at the exact moment of one flesh (mutual consented sexual intercourse), known or unknown to others.

(Early 1970's onward) State Secular Religion of Morphed-Infidelism, unconstitutional massive education system having 1800 government funded Universities and colleges and monopoly 1- 12 grades that was a substantial controlling effect in the premeditated murder of over 60,000,000 CGHL/babies/future citizen:

  1. Fact: Congresses unconstitutionally respected the secular religion establishments of philosophy (infidel philosophy) and its offspring of psychology, sociology, and psychiatry, and their transformed/morphed various philosophies. 

  2. Fact: Created an unconstitutional substantial controlling effect in the denial of Constitutional rights to millions of the nation's Complete Genetic Human Lives (CGHL) /babies/future citizens while in their mother's wombs, consequently were premeditated murdered.

  3. Fact: Infidel Philosophy having ancient origins opposed religion and morality in every succeeding generation, a significant ongoing substantial controlling effect against the ancient biblical concept One Flesh. 

  4. Fact: Philosophy's offspring Psychology, Sociology and Psychiatry in their blindness also attacked the concept of one flesh.

  5. Fact: (1980's onward) Infidelism Morphed into Safe Sex, free love for the younger generation taught at 100,000 public schools

  6. Fact: Morphed Infidelism teaching so call sex ed, use of contraceptives, undermined the practice for thousands of years, we call today shot gun marriages, based upon the verifiable biblical secular concept of "One Flesh" marriage, shown through out the bible, in Genesis, Moses civil law for social peace and the son of man named Jesus of Nazareth, practiced for thousands of years and particularly practice more in the non urban countryside by bible readers.

  7. Fact: Public teachers are an unconstitutional unelected massive monopoly political power house of six million unelected member government bureaucracy by itself, undermines the Constitution's checks and balances of distributed power in government, and has undermined the people (general population) allotment of power in the election process for decades.

  8. Fact: Also can be claimed is a violation of the spirit behind anti-trust laws, which should be imposed upon the massive government so called educational system k-12 grade. 

  9. Fact: Ponder this, we Americans don't trust the private sector to have a monopoly, but we are brain washed by a secular religion of the establishment of philosophy (infidel philosophy) and its offspring psychology, sociology, psychiatry, teacher associations and unions into trusting them to have a monopoly educating the nation's children and young men and woman.

  10. Fact: Many young woman succumb to the underlying infidel, free love, abortion and so called safe sex philosophies indoctrination while prolonging not getting married, had put to death their complete genetic human life (CGHL)/baby in their womb on the figuratively speaking high alter of government indoctrination of infidel philosophy morphing and CAREERISM, so it won't interfere with at times continuing her primary and/or secondary so called education/indoctrination.

  11. Fact: If Congresses hadn't respected the secular religion establishments and disallowed them from forming the unconstitutional massive monopoly government funded k-12 grade, instead allowed the tax payer money to follow the student, would of allowed many more bible reading schools to form, and not only created competition, that's self regulating to achieve higher scores for better education, but also would secured a larger electorate to sense and practice the underlying concept of “one flesh”, which would of kept babies alive in their mother's wombs. 

  12. Fact: Many more young people would of continued learning, teaching and practicing the ancient and biblical concept of “ONE FLESH” implied from simply reading the bible, to permeate society directly resulting in lifetime marriages from virginity and indirectly would have had a substantial controlling effect of assuring a large enough electorate to protect (CGHL)/babies rights in their mother's wombs, which would have been a substantial controlling effect upon the U.S. Supreme court to also protect them.

  13. Fact: (2004 onward) Infidelism Morphed into Sodomy Marriages Philosophy 

  14. Fact: Using a "modified version of the Inclusivist Strategy" Philosophy with the vast government education system of 1800 government universities, colleges had slowly indoctrinated acceptance of sodomist and their marriages. 

  15. Fact: When sodomist and their marriages are then included in special laws, they then begin to discriminate, shun, and remove anyone who disagrees, shares, speaks or writes down their thoughts against them. This is what happens when you give special rights to homosexuals.

  16. Fact: (2012 onward) Morphed-Infidelism Great Purge of Judeo-Christianity from America

  17. Fact: Great Purge of Religious Conservatives and the Nation's Judea-Christian heritage is occurring across the government institutions and market place (businesses). A violation of Christian's first amendment's rights and the undermining of the Judea-Christian derived morality based nation's founding documents and government laws.

  18. Fact: Examples of cases that intimidate Christians from sharing, speaking or writing down their views, their religious and secular (things of the world) freedom of expression in government institutions and the market place (businesses).

  19. (2012) Say It With Flowers: Court Rules Against Arlene’s Flowers

  20. (2013) Is President Obama Purging the Military of Dissenters? "Several of the other six generals and flag officers fired were allegedly critical of other Obama policies such as military cuts, the removal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and America’s new policy on Iran."

  21. (2014) First US Lesbian Mayor, City of Houston demands pastors turn over sermons

  22. (2014) Obama Orders Military Not To Handout Bibles, Rear Admiral Responds

  23. (2015)  Kelvin Cochran, Atlanta Fire Chief 

  24. (2015) Indiana Christian Bakers Who Declined to Bake Cake for Same-Sex Ceremony Close Shop 

  25. (2015) Should Pro-Life Organizations Be Forced to Hire Pro-Choice Employees? 

  26. (2015) Is a Navy Chaplain Being Persecuted for Biblical Beliefs?

  27. Congress Supports Chaplain Reprimanded for Citing Bible in Suicide Prevention Training Session

  28. Fact: Many cannot serve sodomist couples in instances when their conscious finds serving adds to validation to a clear, violation of the consistent Jedeo-Christian Principled Morality against sodomist. 

  29. Fact: A great warning sign has been written in the Judeo writings to stop nations from going down such a path, the warning of sodomist's insatiable desire is to pull everyone into their immorality.

  30. Fact: Wikipedia: Genesis 19:4-5 (KJV) described what followed, which confirmed its end: 4 But before they lay down, the men of the city, [even] the men of Sodom, compassed the house round, both old and young, all the people from every quarter: 5 And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where [are] the men which came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may know them.(NRSV: know them, NIV: can have sex with them, NJB: can have intercourse with them).

  31. Question: "What was the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah?"

  32. Fact: Many worry not only for the present time but worry especially for the future in the sodomist's insatiable desire to use inclusivist strategy for their ultimate goal, to keep tearing down the morality of the nation until they pull everyone into their immorality, complete domination. 

  33. Fact: Our nation has given itself over to a violation of the center core principle of the Judeo-Christian Principled Heritage of our nation. In so doing, they unleash an insatiable beast that now purges and marginalizes anyone who dares to stand in their way.

  34. Fact: The real question is when will America wake up, to tear out the root of the problem in their billions of tax dollars for decades been given to 1800 government Universities and colleges is funding a State Secular religion? Our nation is being divided, weaken, and destroyed from within by an Unconstitutional State Secular religion of Morphed-Infidelism.

  35. Fact: How is a nation hope to avoid chaos, ruination when there is a clear violation of the U.S. Constitution's primary principle, in the First Amendment's – Establishment Clause. Congress for decades making law respecting a Secular religion of Morphed-Infidelism.

  36. Next on the horizon from Morphed-Infidelism:

Federal Law: Lifetime Marriage

Section One: Lifetime marriage will be recognized after or before a filed marriage certificate, public ceremony, states a man and a woman has or will become one in the same flesh, sexual intercourse, married.

Section Two: Promotion of abstinence, public ceremony and filed marriage forms are necessary for order and peace, but not following through must not justify gov’t to exploit these lifetime marriages by labeling them as only teen sex or adult sex, distribution of condoms in schools, and abortion killing. These unregistered lifetime marriages need recognition, responsibility, and perseverance for our country’s sake.

Federal law: Seven Year Youthful Marriage Law

Section One: Government will value, respect, compulsory enforce marriage registration for all one flesh (mutually consented sexual intercourse) (particularly virgins) youthful marriages. Government will protect youthful marriages from forces conspiring to separate them.

Wikipedia Most states, however, allow minors below 18 to marry (generally they have to be at least 16 but sometimes lower) with parental and/or judicial consent. 

Some states allow females from 12 years old if she is pregnant to marry with parental and judicial consent in Arizona, California, Colorado and North Carolina.

Arizona: 18, 16 with parental consent, no minimum with approval of a superior court judge and parental consent.[3]

California: 18, no minimum with approval of a superior court judge and parental consent.[4]

Colorado: 18, 16 with parental consent, no minimum with judicial approval and parental consent.[2][5][6]

Indiana: 18, 17 with parental consent, 15 in the case of pregnancy with both parental and judicial consent.[7]

Massachusetts: 18 for first marriage, 14 (male) 12 (female) with parental and judicial consent.[2]

Michigan: 18, 16 with parental consent, 15 and under with parental consent and probate judge approval.

New Hampshire: 18, 14 for males and 13 for females, in cases of "special cause" with parental consent and court permission.

North Carolina: 18, 16 with parental consent, unlimited in case of pregnancy or birth of child with parental consent.

Pennsylvania: 18, 16 with parental consent, 14 in case of pregnancy and with the approval of a Judge of the Orphans Court.

Utah: 18, 16 with parental consent, 15 with court approval and parental consent.[12]

West Virginia: 18, 16 with parental consent, under 16 (unspecified limit) with parental and judicial consent[2][15

Section Two: The government will enact into law, make it compulsory all youthful one flesh marriages (particularly virgins), the legal formality must be performed for civil order in society. For young men and woman between ages 12 (if pregnant even slightly earlier age) to 18. The young man’s and young woman’s parents status in society, income, religion, race, nationality must surely not interfere by penalty of law (jail). 

  1. A young man and woman at the age of twelve years and on, can become a lifetime married partner through unadulterated consenting sexual intercourse. Young men and woman are more then fifty percent responsible for their actions.

  2. Children between eight and twelve years of age are not more then fifty percent responsible, meaning parents are more then fifty percent responsible, children cannot become married.

  3. Parents who verbally encourage young men and woman to marry at twelve years and on, are not relieved of their parental duties.

  4. Parents who force through threats, physical harm, and punishment their twelve year olds and older, for the specific purpose to marry another person by sexual intercourse, will be convicted on the charge of rape, the other person and the parent. Rape is not a marriage.

Section Three: The young man or young woman cannot divorce officially for seven years This to at least make every possible attempt of having the marriage last. Separation is allowed but official divorce to free one legally to marry another won’t be allowed for seven years. However some harden hearts after seven years will marry another. The seven year marriage law would help to hamper them from getting involved in other people’s lives. Especially informing, warning others who want a honorable lifetime marriage from virginity to the grave.

  1. This is to give the most effort to nurture the young couple, to make sure that family and/or so called religious leaders won't interfere with the marriage continuing and flourishing.

  2. To warn peers from interfering, disrupting, or destroying the marriage, seeing they are married. 

  3. To allow peers who may have had a romantic interest with one of them, to know that they are now married and unavailable, so to allow faster recovery of a broken heart, and can find someone they can marry.

  4. To encourage other teenage couples to come forward to register their marriage had occurred.

Section Four: For after seven years they can remarry officially. Why? There will always be people who will not submit to marriage for a lifetime, and as Moses allowed remarriage, not that he was someway justifying the action, but understanding there are many harden hearts that cannot ever be persuaded, that so, he allowed remarriage, which I propose after seven years, then it's up to the young couple to decide their paths. However to promote the general welfare of the community, for seven years they must be given the best environment, that their marriage will continue and flourish. If government gives into a few disgruntled parents, not wanting their daughter or son to marry someone due to financial reasons, opposite religious feuds, racial prejudice, etc., and government not recognizing the marriage had occurred at mutual consenting sexual intercourse and not holding the couple accountable to each other, then the flood gates are open and the end result is the current situation today; millions of conceived babies that are slaughtered in premeditated, slow torture, killing, murder, disguised by the label, abortion.

Section Five: Seduction of a young woman or man will be a crime.

  1. Seduction in the third degree will be when the older person is above 18 years old, and three years older then the younger man or woman who is between the ages of twelve to seventeen. The seducer can be sentence up to one year in jail.

  2. Seduction in the second degree will be when the older person is above 18 years old, and four years older then the younger man or woman who is between the ages of twelve to seventeen. The seducer can be sentence up to two years in jail.

  3. Seduction in the first degree will be when the older person is above 18 years old, and five years older then the younger man or woman who is between the ages of twelve to seventeen. The seducer can be sentence up to five years in jail.

  4. However seduction, if it is unadulterated and consenting by the young man and woman is a lifetime marriage. (still doesn't relieve one of criminal consequences)

Foot note: The judge needs to weigh carefully each situation, to determine if a marriage, and the husband is showing responsible, obligation in his love, adoration, care, making the marriage official, there will be no criminal consequences, if however there is a lack of these actions is demonstrated by the husband, or if it is adulterated, meaning the man is already married or polygamist, then their must be criminal consequences, and uniformly given across race, wealth or poor, religion, etc.) but not exceeding five years for each individual person involved with the max 20 years imprisonment.

Footnote: I wrote this section "accountability young men and woman" to replace the idiotic statutory rape laws that has absolutely no support in the bible, is absolutely not rape, when their is consent. I gather the so called statutory rape laws, which are a mishmash of laws, different form each state, were made recently in law, is a power grab, to make young men and young woman out to be children, not responsible, obligated to their actions, for if they are considered as children, it will continue the monopoly of the government school teacher bureaucracy. They increase their numbers of teachers, when decades ago increase the age from 16 years old to 18 years compulsory schooling. This gave the larger bureaucracy a stronger hold, monopoly of power, more leverage, had more teachers in the government. Add the recent addition, the field of Psychology in the fray, you have a bloated big government, secular religion. The field of Psychology, combined with a monopoly of so called teachers, working hand and hand, dismantled through their brain washing through the decades, the biblical understanding in the citizens who recognized marriage occurred at the moment of one flesh, mutual consented sexual intercourse taught from genesis, Moses and Jesus, supported in the countryside in our age by shot gun marriages.